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Food Ordering System – Hungry Pan

Fancy what is cooking nearby? Download the free HUNGRY PAN app now to access hundreds of restaurants and takeaways in Cameroon offering delivery and collections right from your phone.

We’ve made going through paper menus for a meal for you, friends or family a thing of the past and a NO! NO! to awkward phone orders saving you some minutes for another important call.

Now search by just a few clicks from a hundred of local restaurants and takeaways and pay by card or cash on delivery…and not forgetting that option, you can collect your meal.

Wanna go spicy hot or are you a veg…select from Roasted Fish, Garri & Okro, North to South restaurants just to mention a few, to Puff-Puff & Beans, Chicken & Chips, Jellof…you can filter your cuisine, food type and also access hundreds of different menus through the HUNGRY PAN app.

So whether is ordering Singapore fried rice with salt & peppers BBQ spared ribs on your way home cause you can’t make it to prepare a meal for the family or just want a treat from your sofa to match that cold ice beer before the game starts,you will always find something that will tickle your taste. Order in with HUNGRY PAN as it taste’s good when served quick.

Also with our app you can filter your search cooking discounts of offers, or see the most popular restaurant in your area from the number of reviews.
And remember, if you’re not sure which Garri & Okro or Roasted Fish is right for you then don’t panic, because with the app you can access hundreds of reviews from other customers to help you choose the right takeaway for you.

Once you’ve fallen in love with a particular takeaway then you can always re-order your favourite food simply by accessing your previous order history. Just select the past order, double-check the stored payment details, tap the re-order button, and boom, your food will be winging it’s way to your door in no time.

Bon appétit.


Hungry Pan in a nutshell.

º NEW: Pay for your meal with Mobile Money!

º NEW: Get your meal now delivered with Hungry Pan! Order online with the Hungry Pan app (only available in some locations).

º Full menus from over 10,000 takeaways across the Cameroon. Everything from Achu in Bafut to Water Fufu and Eru in Buea, and from Kati Kati in Babanki to Bongo in Douala, we’ve got you covered!

º Hundreds of customer reviews.

º Menus are saved as you go, and are available offline.

º Filter for restaurants by cuisine, review ratings, price, and whether they offer collection options alongside their delivery service.

º Special offers and deals at thousands of takeaways – these takeaways are highlighted on the app.

º Order for now, or choose a delivery time that suits you.

º Re-order your favourite meal with one-tap re-ordering.

º Pay online, or with cash on delivery.

º No account or sign-in required (until checkout).


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