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We pride our development to tackle some of the health issues faced by local communities in Africa. We develope mobile apps to support and provide assistant to health services in Africa. One of our development is Doctors Nest.

Doctors Nest App

Find a doctor, call, chat and book appointments online instantly!

Read verified doctors reviews and ratings by real patients. Search for doctors, Clinics, Area or Specialty. It’s an awesome app that can be use in any medical or health services across African countries and local communities.

After the successful release of Doctors Nest web script, an on-demand request from our valuable users we hereby come with the Doctors Nest mobile application with all important features.

Doctors Nest is an online medical care scheduling service, providing free of charge medical care search facility for end users (Patients) by integrating information about Medical Practices, Health Centres, Hospitals and any Health Related issues and doctor’s individual schedules in a central location.

Doctors Nest provides a scheduling system basis for medical personnel. The scheduling system can be accessed by subscribers both as an online service and via the deployed office calendar software, or integrated with the website. The subscriber’s schedules are available to the end user’s patients free of charge.

The end user-searchable database includes Specialties, a range of services, office locations, photographs, personal educational background and user-submitted reviews.

For each doctor, the users are able to review the free slots in the schedule and make appointments for specific time slots.

The service is free. Everyone who is registered with a doctor at their local hospital or clinic can have access to their practice’s doctors from any mobile device.

Doctors Nest also provides a chat system between the doctor and end user (Patient). This is a private message chat system where users can ask the doctor any questions in relation to their health. Note that all messages are private and limited to the specific doctor in question.

Users Advice:

All users are advised Doctors Nest is a platform that only provides a quick communication between doctors and any users (Patients) who need a quick medical support or need a quick answer to their health problems. We are not responsible or do we recommend any doctors to users. Using this platform is totally free and at the users, discretion to provide the doctor with any information. We are not responsible for any advises provided to our users and advised them to visit the hospital or doctor for any emergencies as Doctors Nest in no way replaces the hospital, clinic or any health centre.

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